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Enough is Enough

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5 Keys to Abundance

Dear Jane,
I am sick and tired of running out of money before the end of the month. Other people seem to know something I don’t know about creating abundance. What’s their secret?

There is no one road map to creating abundance just as there is no single road map to creating a loving relationship. Getting isn’t the big problem for most of us, whether it’s a relationship or money, the trick is to learn how to keep and build upon what we get. Until we open up to abundance and become “spiritually fit” to receive, the truth is we will be just as likely to find ourselves short on cash and long on debt. Here are five keys to building, maintaining, and enjoying abundance.

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5 Ways to Kickstart Your Life After a Breakup

Dear Jane,
I just broke up with my long-time boyfriend and I can't seem to find any energy for life. How long will it take before I can look forward to enjoying life again?

No matter what the reason for a breakup—the relationship was stale; you outgrew it; it was abusive in some way; you were left—you have to grieve fully, pick up the pieces, discover who you are NOW without that other person, and learn how to look forward to life again. So here are 5 keys to kick start your life and begin to thrive.

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Finding and Keeping Mr. or Ms. Right

Dear Jane,
I can get into relationships and out of them. What I haven’t done is find the “right” relationship worth keeping. What can I do to increase my chances of finding Mr. Right?

While some self-help books focus on strategies to get into a relationship, anyone who has ever been in a relationship knows that they require tending or they die on the vine. So how can you stop wasting your time on romances that fizzle out? What really makes a romance blossom into a long-term commitment? Here are 5 key strategies to finding and nurturing Great Love.

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Overcoming Your Fear of Rejection

Dear Jane,
I’ve suffered with a paralyzing fear of rejection for most of my life. This leaves me unable to be assertive in my private and professional life and I really would like to be, and sometimes it’s crippling. Intellectually I know I shouldn’t be so worried about what other people think, but the feelings are still there. How do I overcome this irrational feeling?

When you have a fear that is irrational, you can’t sit by the sidelines figuring it out. You need to take small steps towards your fear. Here are practical strategies for overcoming your fear of rejection.

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