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Affordable Personal Coaching

Many of you are suffering financial instability and changes in lifestyle, which may be elevating your fears, exacerbating your self-judgments, and cementing your limiting beliefs.                                

Please don't endure. Reach out to me. Thriving emotionally and spiritually need not be based on the economy.

Dedicated to supporting you in thriving under all circumstances, I have created an affordable alternative to traditional coaching with Power Sessions by phone.

15-Minute or 30-Minute Power Sessions

15-Minute Power Session: $45

30-Minute Power Session: $80

If you can't afford a Power Session, e-mail me your issue and I will respond in my Ask Jane column of my e-newsletter (anonymity guaranteed) or reply to you directly.

Or you can request to talk to me on my Ask Jane radio show.

I am honored to help you in any way you allow me. Together, we will get through this.

Contact me directly at Jane@AskJaneNow.com

What Jane's Personal Coaching Clients Have to Say:

Hali and I are together because of you and what you taught us about the power of speaking the truth!

Margy Hutchison, R.N., Nurse Midwife
Hali Hammer, M.D.

My capacity for love has increased dramatically as a result of knowing you and the guidance you have provided in our work together. I have benefited from our association in ways that can't be expressed.

Joyce Allen

Thank you for gracing my life with your presence and immeasurable wisdoms. You are and will continue to be an inspiration for me and, I have no doubt, many. You are an amazing woman, Jane. You remind me that I too am an amazing woman.

Francesca Hunter, Seminar Leader

I have always seen you as an exceptionally gifted and talented coach and I think it is wonderful that you will be touching so many people's hearts and lives.  It seems only natural that the wisdom you impart will be more available to everyone. Thank you for taking the bold step to benefit humanity in an even greater way.

Lisa Mansfield, Life Coach

Jane Straus's striking presence is commanding. She delivers her messages unequivocally. This is her greatest gift to those that she influences as her authority and forthright commitment to truth is unshakable.

Rhonda Emmert, D.C.

I continue to be thankful for all your help, support, and enlightenment 23 years ago!

Cass Brown, Ph.D.

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Enough is Enough! by Jane Straus