Perceiving in High Definition

Our limiting beliefs magnify and distort our perceptions, hindering us from seeing possibilities that someone else may. We miss out on opportunities that we never knew existed, all because of a tendency to see in black and white. For example, if your partner criticizes you, you may think, “He doesn’t love me.” However, the truth may be that he is afraid of being vulnerable and sharing what’s really going on.

Our guardian voice, the one that tells us to “duck and cover,” blows up our worst fears, reminding us of some painful past event such as past rejection, and then convinces us that this situation is exactly like that one.

Why? As I write about in Enough Is Enough! Stop Enduring and Start Living Your Extraordinary Life, the guardian voice’s job is to protect us from hurt, embarrassment, confusion, and rejection. However, to do this, it oversimplifies, dividing the world into good and bad, right and wrong, safe or dangerous, win or lose, friend or foe. The guardian voice can’t tolerate nuances or it will have fallen down on the job.

How can we quiet our guardian voice if it’s so persistent? We can listen to our spirit’s voice, the voice within that can perceive beyond black and white fear-based thinking, the voice that tells us to take a breath before playing out our knee-jerk reactions. Our spirit’s voice is the one that says there is probably more to this situation than meets the eye. It is the wise voice that says, “Maybe this perceived enemy is just scared. Maybe handling this person’s fears and my own will grant us more understanding.”

The spirit’s voice is the voice of the Teacher in Classroom Earth, not the Judge in Courtroom Earth. It doesn’t look for guilt or blame; it strives for compassion, peace, dignity, and respect.

To hear your spirit’s voice, first trust that it is there. Maybe it’s a mere whisper because your guardian voice has been drowning it out. Then do what the wise do: Follow what it says. Keep listening for it and your spirit will get louder, your heart will open more, and you will experience the crisp, bright, and vivid clarity of HD perception.

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