Free Seminar: Receiving

What an evening! Over thirty of us at the TangoDiva Salon/Seminar laughed and cried together as we went beneath our resentments, recognized our painful self-judgments, and committed to remembering that these self-judgments are real but not true. I’ll have the video from the evening edited and on the website so that you won’t miss a thing!

Feels like a lot of people I am working with lately are feeling isolated, alone, and stretched emotionally, particularly as the holidays loom. If this describes you or anyone you know, let’s do something together. If you would like to host a free evening seminar in your home (in the Bay Area), let me know. If you’d like to attend, let me know! I’ll offer a powerful and uplifting seminar for everyone ready to greet the holidays and new year with a more open heart and lighter spirit. Let’s connect as a reminder that we’re not alone, that others are willing to share our burdens, and that we can heal in the presence of compassionate support.

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